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CALIDA-D S.A. is a worldwide operating consulting company with its main office in Central America. CALIDA-D is well grounded in project management, particularly projects related to purchasing and process optimization. Due to our partner program we are able to also serve our clients with deep expertise in other areas such as e.g. IT security, IT architecture, application development and more.

More about CALIDA-D

CALIDA-D Application Development Business sold to Datalynx

From January 2011 onwards, the application development business from CALIDA-D will officially be taken over by the Swiss IT Service Company Datalynx AG, in Basel Switzerland. Datalynx will open a new Service Center in Cartago, Costa Rica in order to improve its service portfolio. We at CALIDA-D S.A. are very glad for this decission. We want to say "Thank You!" for the trust you were demonstrating in the past to CALIDA-D and hope that you will continue to work together with Datalynx IT Services S.A., Cartago Costa Rica.

NEW Sales Office in the USA

The growing importance of the US IT development market convinced us to invest into a sales office in the United States of America. With this affiliate we are now much closer to our US based customers. Please find more details here.

Web-Based Sustainability Solution

Compliance need to be demonstrated. It doesn't help much to just have complex supplier on-boarding procedures to feel secure. An entire, sustainable process from A-Z has to be established in order to ensure third party compliance in every moment , in all instances involved  in the CSR process, traceable in real-time. Instances in your organization that have to be aware of compliance or non comliane of a third party are: Purchasing, Quality Assurance, Health-, Safety, Environmental Representatives, Executive Management and Corporate Communication. The solution for it is our ProCom™ application. Please read more about it here: ProCOM™


The crisis is not over yet!

Christmastime is over and I had my shocking moments when I assembled some of the toys my kids got. Everything, and when I am saying everything I mean everything was made in China. Even well known western brand toys were made in China. I was questioning myself where this trend is leading us.

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Offshoring Purchasing Activities to Costa Rica?

Offshoring of IT- and other activities have been discussed and implemented in many companies. But is offshoring also an option for Purchasing activities?

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Financial Crisis = Economic Crisis?

The today’s news are full of scary notes. Renowned banks have to declare bankruptcy from one week to the other. The financial world is close to collapse, governments all around the world have to stabilize their financial systems to avoid a total crackup. Analysts are telling the nervous economy that this is just a financial but not an economic crisis. What a fool to beliefe!

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UN Global Compact - Tiger without teeth?

The UN Global Compact which has been established to force leaders of the industries to incorporate social and environmental components in their procurement decision, has now almost 10 years after its introduction, not significantly improved the situations in the developing countries. But why?

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Purchasing - World in Transformation

The traditional role of purchasing and buyers is going to change. In many companies the purchasing department was a "transactional" instance within its supply chain. Its strategic role was mainly to get the necessary goods and services, in-line with the requested requirements, in time with the ordering date, to the lowest possible price. Nowadays purchasing is getting in addition to that a role as "Company Image Protector".

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